Harvesting, Gleaning, Distribution

What is the Great Seattle Fruit Harvest?


The Great Seattle Fruit Harvest is a celebration of the bounty our city has to offer. It recognizes the collective fruit being grown in Seattle and all the folks who participate in the care and perpetuation of our urban food system.  This resource can have a profound impact when we work together to put it to good use. Register your tree, lend a hand, make it count!

To register your tree in our system, all we need to know is the type, size, and number of tree(s) located in your front and/or backyard.  Registering allows us to plan when to come to harvest your apples, pears, grapes, peaches, plums, cherries, figs, persimmons, and more! We can take harvest fruit from any kind of fruit tree, as long as the tree is safely accessible. 

What kind of fruit can we take:

As a food justice organization, City Fruit’s priority is to harvest pest-free, market quality (USDA Size 1 or 2) fruit to share with neighbors. If your fruit is undersized or pest-damaged, we may be able to redirect it to partners who can process into sauces, jams, ciders, and more! If you’re a baker, cider-maker, jam-maker, and want access to damaged or undersized (or Size 3+) fruits, feel free to reach out to us for more information!