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We often like to brag that Seattle is one of the few major urban cities in the United States that still has an extensive network of orchards that includes precious heirloom fruit trees. Many of them were planted decades ago, or some even over a century ago, often in hopes of having a reliable food source to help feed families and neighborhoods. Their rich history and stories are some of the reasons why we are drawn to fruit trees. And Seattle has plenty of them! 


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City Fruit is committed to diversifying Seattleā€™s urban canopy.

Here are a few of the fruits we want to see more of in Seattle: Kiwi and Kiwi Berry; Quince; Persimmon; Medlar

Things to consider:

Some fruit varieties are best eaten fresh; others as pies or preserves. Consider how you will use the fruit and find a variety that fits your intended use. Also, consider growing a variety that is harder to find in the market, so that you can have access to more diverse fruits.


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Pruning Fruit Trees


Springtime Mulching


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Fruit Pests and Invasive Species:

Winter Moth Integrated Pest Management (IPM)